The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

We've reached a milestone! Our 50th episode covers all things from "Standoff," including a detailed discussion of Carrie Mathison's mental illness and what that portrayal means on television, just what's going on with Dante Allen, the surprising turn of Brett O'Keefe, and the feminist implications of Elizabeth Keane's presidency. (I don't know why I decided to use everyone's full names just now. I'm going with it!) We close with a throwback pod game. Fun times are had by all! 

For real though, fifty episodes of this shebang is incredible. To anyone who's ever listened to or supported the pod, thank you thank you thank you! 

(Alternate titles: "You're Good at Words!", "I Need More Words," "Dante Came A-Knockin' to Maggie's Back Door," "Why Is This Happening to ME?", "God Bless You Sharon," "Wicked Muddy.")


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