The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

There are a lot of people on this show who are, like, bad at things. Carrie, Saul, O'Keefe, Keane, Wellington... This week we examine the potential growth (or lack thereof) of our main character and discuss the portrayal of Carrie's mental illness both this season and over the span of the series. We also re-evaluate who's on the payroll at Mole City Hall and discuss the mixed emotions of O'Keefe's capture and Saul's failure. 

If you haven't read the HYH exclusive interview with Amy Hargreaves, who plays Maggie Mathison, you can read it on the blog here. It's a good one. 

(Alternate titles: "Mustache Man #1," "Light Debate," "Everybody's Mom," "Tag This for Receipts," "Weaponize the Conversation.")

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