The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

This week on the pod we are all about "come to Jesus" moments. First we lament Carrie's inability to see the light re: Dante, and what not to do with your kid on a field trip around Washington. Then Gail describes her own epiphany recognizing Saul as a garbage human. Lastly, we discuss the truly WTF development of Wellington having a secret crush on his boss. We close by playing a truly excellent game of "What's More Awkward?" This episode gave us a lot of material on that front!

(Alternate titles: "Tossin' Around with These Shitheads," "Perpetual State of Denial," "The Sky Is Not the Limit," "I Really Need to Get More Wine," "Get a Grip Carrie," "The First Pawn," "I Edited This on an Airplane.")

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