The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

In our inaugural episode we go down the rabbit hole of pre-season four Homeland goings on. We discuss all those life-affirming promos, as well as where we see characters, relationships, and the show at large heading this season.

At the end we put on our best predictor hats and then play a tried and true HYH favorite: would you rather?

  • 9m40s - promos
  • 23m10s - Carrie
  • 35m45s - Quinn
  • 46m5s - Saul
  • 1h1m - Carrie and Quinn
  • 1h16m - General season four predictions
  • 1h27m - GAMES!
  • 1h52m  - Would you rather...?

Enjoy, thanks for listening, and tell us what you think!

--Sara and Laura

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