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Honestly it would be faster to just list what we didn't talk about. 

In this, our last episode of the season, we examine "A False Glimmer" as well as season five overall. We debate whether Allison's end was truly just, the wreckage of Carrie and Saul, if Jonas is a jerk disguised as a good guy, and what-in-fresh-hell Otto. We talk about Quinn, of course. We debate the various merits of his storyline this season, and of this end. We talk about The Letter and what it meant for Carrie to read it. We talk about Carrie, and where she goes from here. We get down to the very elements of it. 

I think it's my favorite podcast we've ever done, so I hope you stick through to the end (might be good for some holiday traveling). 

Thanks for tuning in this season. We had a blast. 

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This week we delve into the brilliant maze that is "Our Man in Damascus" (but not that title because... idk). 

We both elaborate on just how much we absolutely love Allison Carr, that adorable psycho, and I explain how I've come full circle on Carrie/Quinn... also Saul hatred. 

Because I was told to, spoiler for The X-Files, a show that started more than 20 years ago and ended more than 10... but just in case. 

Also a trip down memory lane as we mark one year since Dalliance Anon. Oh, Dalliance Anon. 

The 22nd episode is here waiting for you. 

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As we close in on the end of the season, we deal with episode 10's revelations and try to anticipate what's coming next. 

Supreme, abject pain: it's the New Normal on Homeland. (or is it?) 

Alternate episode titles: 

  • Remember David Estes
  • Tears
  • All That Rage 
  • They Type It, But They Don't Say It 
  • Death and All His Friends



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...and we do, for like half an hour (and then again some more). About his current situation, whether this is the end, and how we're supposed to feel about Carrie's whole role in all of it. It's tricky. 

We also talk about why seeing Carrie and Saul made us feel like old timez -- good, bad, happy, sad. In fact, a lot of "The Litvinov Ruse" is like that. Old school Homeland, from the surveillance, to the Carrie and Saul hugs, to the feeling of just total helplessness because it's only gonna get worse from here. 

Cheers to three more episodes? (and thanks for sticking around for twenty of these!) 


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This week we, fittingly, give thanks.

For circa-2005 Carrie, for Allison Carr and her online shopping habit, for some semblance of what they're finally doing with Quinn, for Saul finding out soon that the woman he's sleeping with is a traitor, for Banana Joe's, for the seeming end of wig (both, mind), and for the fact that we don't live in a time where if your cable craps out on you in the last five minutes of the episode you're not left wondering wtf happened for longer than it takes you to collect yourself and realize you can watch this episode on Showtime's streaming site! 

Thanks all around, especially to you, for listening. 


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(repeat, repeat, repeat)

This week it's a change of pace, a change of heart, ch-ch-changes.

This week we talk about "Oriole" -- was it low-key, or boring, or over-the-top confusing? I bungle a few different explanations... (meta?) 

Then we talk about what we want from the last half of the season. And what we need. And what we'll probably never get. Sigh...

(ps i know i stopped talking about it but did you know we've gotten more hair in bun episodes this season than not)

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We're back and about the same as before after a brief hiatus...


This week is all about euphemisms. Halfway through the season we have a lot of questions and not very many answers. 

We talk about Saul and how enjoyable it was to see him totally miserable, what's on the docket for Quinn, and if the Carrie and Jonas relationship can or should be repaired. 

I snuck in one mention of hand-through-hair before going speechless and there is a lengthy pause when I reveal the title of this year's finale. 

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No mentions of HAIR IN A BUN, can you believe? 

We talk a lot about Carrie and Quinn, and what we're supposed to believe, and what we actually do believe, and our hopes and nightmares and worst case scenarios and dreams come true. 

Also lady hackers, lady villains, and lady killers. 

Who's involved in what and why and also how? Lots of questions, very few answers. 

(hair in a bun was so great you guys) 

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On the agenda: is manic Carrie a trope at this point? How did Jonas deal with everything, all things considered? Can anyone explain what's going on with Quinn? Did this episode actually happen? Did we all mass dream it? 

... and then we get to Saul. 

If you ran this episode through a word cloud generator, here's what it would return: 


"so gross" 






"i don't hate" 



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Melrose and I delve into last Sunday's episode. Really good, we agree, but does any of it make sense?

Also on the agenda: How ambiguous was Quinn's reaction? Or Carrie's? Does Saul want to kill Carrie? Why does anyone want to kill Carrie, really? 

Then we talk about some mid-week news:

Homeland -- is it Islamophobic and racist? 

Is Carrie happy to be back in Beirut? 

Saturday publishing means your weekend gets to be twice as Homeland-y! 

Oh... not really sure why I needed to go this far. 

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It's the first episode of the season! Join us in this expression of our shared obsession. 

On the list: the progression of Carrie Mathison, the regression of Peter Quinn, various transgressions of Saul Berenson (can he leave pls???), first impressions, repressions, confession of confusion, anticipated depression, and more than one digression.  

The gang is in Berlin and I'm listening to Nena -- it's an 80's jam session! 

(Alternate title: 99 Luftballoon Hats)



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Melrose and I convene for a pre-season session in which I explain my split personalities. We talk about Carrie and Quinn, Saul, boyfriends and wigs and just what the heck is gonna happen this season. Spoiler alert: neither of us knows but that doesn't stop us! 

. . . . 

"It's been a while," she said sheepishly. 

"Yeah." So startled, both of them. One more than the other.

"So are you back here?" he asks in his best nonchalant way.

She brings a hand to her forehead, anticipating every question.

"Yeah, in a way."  


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Melrose and I discuss PaleyFest and what we think season five is gonna look like. We talk about straight white males, real and fictional, and just how problematic they are. It's a lively discussion, and Melrose is a lot funnier than I am. 

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Melrose and I wrap up the podcast season by talking about season four as a whole. We discuss the characters and storylines we liked (Carrie and Quinn! Lockhart and Martha!) as well as the ones we didn't (demon Saul!), address season five rumors and speculation, and daydream about a Homeland-less life. It gets kinda #dark. 

Thanks everyone so much for listening throughout the past few months. This was a lot of fun to make and hopefully we can keep it up next year. 

Not discussed: the true identity of tumblr user carriequinndaily. 


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Melrose and I talk about the 45 minutes of hell that was “13 Hours in Islamabad,” from those who died, those who survived, and those we wish had died. RIP John. You died as you lived: sitting down.

We discuss our predictions about the final two episodes, what we want from the end of the season, and get meta about the blog and fandom. 

Ever wonder how we can generate so much conversation from episodes so short? 

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Melrose and I talk about episode 9, “There’s Something Else Going On” … for about ten minutes. 

We spend the remaining hour and change talking about theories for what comes next, why none of these theories makes sense, why we’re not sure if we want these theories to make sense… And hey! what about a theory that explains the entire critical reaction to Homeland? 

We go deep, but also broad, and it’s one of my favorite conversations we’ve had on the podcast yet this season — about the characters, their relationships, what this show is (and isn’t), and what this show means. 

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