The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

No mentions of HAIR IN A BUN, can you believe? 

We talk a lot about Carrie and Quinn, and what we're supposed to believe, and what we actually do believe, and our hopes and nightmares and worst case scenarios and dreams come true. 

Also lady hackers, lady villains, and lady killers. 

Who's involved in what and why and also how? Lots of questions, very few answers. 

(hair in a bun was so great you guys) 

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On the agenda: is manic Carrie a trope at this point? How did Jonas deal with everything, all things considered? Can anyone explain what's going on with Quinn? Did this episode actually happen? Did we all mass dream it? 

... and then we get to Saul. 

If you ran this episode through a word cloud generator, here's what it would return: 


"so gross" 






"i don't hate" 



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Melrose and I delve into last Sunday's episode. Really good, we agree, but does any of it make sense?

Also on the agenda: How ambiguous was Quinn's reaction? Or Carrie's? Does Saul want to kill Carrie? Why does anyone want to kill Carrie, really? 

Then we talk about some mid-week news:

Homeland -- is it Islamophobic and racist? 

Is Carrie happy to be back in Beirut? 

Saturday publishing means your weekend gets to be twice as Homeland-y! 

Oh... not really sure why I needed to go this far. 

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It's the first episode of the season! Join us in this expression of our shared obsession. 

On the list: the progression of Carrie Mathison, the regression of Peter Quinn, various transgressions of Saul Berenson (can he leave pls???), first impressions, repressions, confession of confusion, anticipated depression, and more than one digression.  

The gang is in Berlin and I'm listening to Nena -- it's an 80's jam session! 

(Alternate title: 99 Luftballoon Hats)



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