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This week we are discussing "Casus Belli," including our initial gut reactions (very polarized!) and 48-hours-later mellowed reactions. We also dissect Carrie's behavior, whether she was manipulating Quinn, and just what that shut door means. Finally we delve into spy plotting. Lots of questions, very few answers. 

(Alternate titles: "Franny and the Nanny," "A Really Bad Fucking Day," "It's a Verb.")

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This week a special guest joins me for a bonus episode of our pod. My mom, who has for years indulged my thoughts and rantings and general wonderments about this show, adds in some commentary of her own about Sunday's episode, "Casus Belli." 

We talk about unspoken promises and our reactions to watching what unfolded on screen. We delve into discussions of bad parenting, nefarious Dar, and crazy crocheters. 

I close by picking her brain on a few burning, long-standing questions re: Carrie and Quinn. 

(Alternate titles: "What Could I Defend," "Call Tree," "I Get It All," "I Hope She Wasn't a Knitter," "Forever and All-Time," "They Should've Done a FaceTime.") 

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In this, our 33rd episode, I come dangerously close to unironically reciting "that is a mischaracterization" à la manic Carrie in "The Vest."

We also get around to discussing Homeland's latest, "A Flash of Light." There are certain things we disagree on (just how much does it matter, one episode later, that the cookie scene was cut?). And certain things on which we wholeheartedly concur (Dar telling Carrie "I'm not Saul" is certainly a life highlight). 

We take a few other detours to expound on a changed Quinn, what it means for Carrie to be a capable mother, Charlie Rose, and whether Alex Gansa is a romantic at heart or not. 

(Alternate title: "No One Wants to Talk About Jonas")

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"The Covenant" was a strange and interesting and provocative episode. This week we tackle its most divisive scene--yep, that one. Did it make you angry or distracted? Or did it surprise you, in a good way? 

We also take on some of the other questions this episode posed, like what exactly gold cigarette packs mean? Why does Saul have a mystery sister? Did Carrie and Roger have a dalliance? Are parallels (aka my life's work) totally intentional or just happy accidents? 



(Alternate titles: "Gaslight," "In a Tank," "Supercilious," "'It's Carrie' ... 'Exactly.'")  

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