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Welcome to our 40th episode! This week Friend of the Pod Jordan joins us to discuss "The Flag House" and our varying levels of anxiety around how the season may (or may not) wrap up. We delve into fandom trends, what the future holds for Carrie (and Quinn),  as well as Mira, motherhood, and dear, dear Max. Our conversation ends with a classic HYH pod-style quiz show in which the question of the White Jesus Light is finally addressed (...sorta). 

(Alternate titles: "Saving Sara," "Crosstalk," "They  Clearly Belong Together," "All Caps Conversation," "It Was a Mountain Lion. Thank You," "On the Borders of Quebec.") 

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This week we play catch-up, addressing the question of a feminist Homeland and patting ourselves on the back for being prescient on Brody matters. Just what does it mean for Carrie to connect the dots from Brody to Quinn? What is Quinn's actual endgame? What is Carrie's? What is Dar's? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how epic was Saul's takedown of Carrie? (We don't actually answer that last question but we all agree it was at the very least a 15.) 

(Alternate titles: "A Different Direction," "Sober-ish," "Dumpster Diving," "This Is No," "Mustache Tweaking.") 

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Better late than never (and better two hours than three)! Our discussion of "alt.truth" spans the spectrum of man pain and feminist heroines. As we discuss just what the writers are doing with Peter Quinn this season we also speculate on what we can expect from the last third of the season. And when we revisit our varying interest in Carrie and Saul, things really take a turn. 

(Alternate titles: "Two Women Do Not a Panel Make.")

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This week is all about downward spirals: Homeland's into darkness, Carrie's into madness, Quinn's into tragedy, and Dar's into villainy. On the way Ashley tells a tale of old country roads and 3-hour detours, we wonder aloud just how fake of a friend Keane really is, and we speculate about what's to come in the rest of the season. (It takes us 40 minutes to get to Quinn and Dar, in case you're wondering.) 

(Alternate titles: "Fucking Homeland," "Drunk Founding Fathers," "Everyone's Learning Something," "...And Then I Opened Another Bottle of Wine," "Rock Bottom.")

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This week on the podcast schedules and routines are disrupted. We discuss "The Return," which was in many ways a departure from what we've seen elsewhere on Homeland this season. Ashley tries to convince us of some particularly gruesome foreshadowing and I try not to inadvertently cause a ruckus. We also discuss the utilization of Quinn, the saga of Carrie and Saul, and politicians real and fictional. 

(Alternate titles: "I'm Breezy," "She Doesn't Have a Strong Chin.")

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