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It took Ashley and I three full tries to record this podcast because of various technical issues, which just goes to show how much we actually wanted to discuss this. This, being.... just what the hell happened in seasons five and six? What did the writers intend to depict in the relationship between Carrie and Quinn, and how was that different than the fandom's interpretation? Did Carrie love Quinn? Could they have been happy? Why did they kill Quinn not once, but twice? And how could we have missed it--not once, but twice? And how has distance and perspective altered our answers to all of these questions? 

It's been a year and a half since Quinn (allegedly, per Ashley) died. Eighteen months in search of the answer to that question: why? In this episode, Ashley and I attempt to offer some answers. 


(Alternate titles: "Brody Had Lines," "Sorry for Sara-ing You," "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," "This Sucks Now. Peace Out," "Only Richard Burton Was Real.")

(Technical pod note: As mentioned above, we had a slew of technical difficulties attempting to get this recorded but seem to have gotten something resembling audible on the third try. That said, you might hear a strange echo in a couple parts, although I tried as much as possible to fix this in the editing process. As always, thank you for listening.) 

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We are super excited to bring you this special podcast episode featuring an interview with Ellen Adair, who brought Janet Bayne, Chief of Staff to Senator Paley, to life during season seven. We talk to Ellen about getting into Janet's head, working with the great Dylan Baker, how Janet's role evolved throughout the season, and, of course, that Janet hair! A million thanks to Ellen for her time and the wonderful discussion!

(Alternate titles: "Fuck the Rules!", "Minus the Treason," "Janet is Nobody's Idiot.")

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This week we're discussing the season seven finale "Paean to the People," which elicited from all of us strong reactions ranging from disgust to pride. We break down the conclusion of Elizabeth Keane's presidency, the redemption of Carrie (and Saul?), and where the show and its characters go from here. Sighs on sighs on sighs, y'all. 

(Alternate titles: "Carrie's Pain," "Full Circle," "Cherries.")


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This week we talk about the raised stakes in "All In," including the return of one of the show's most notorious villains, the climactic meeting of Carrie and Simone, fucking Janet, spidey!Carrie, and Yevgeny and Simone's twisty love affair. We also discuss how the season will end: will Carrie be successful? Will Keane keep her job? Will Saul leave Carrie behind? Will any of us actually survive the episode?!

(Alternate titles: "Weird Homeland Meta Dream Slash Nightmare," "A Cadbury Egg," "He's a Little Bitch," "This Needs to End.")



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This week, we examine the tenth episode of the season, "Clarity." Was it boring, or just understated? Does Carrie's decision at the end of the episode give us closure, or was it ultimately frustrating to see her end up where she started? We're not in total agreement on the Carrie, Maggie, and Franny of it all. Later, we examine the similarities between Keane and Carrie and the choices they made in the most important decisions of their lives. We close with the highly anticipated next installment of Ashley's analysis of the now-departed Dante. It'll leave you blue! 

(Alternate titles: "The Brave One," "Home Improvement Was So Good," "The Point is, Interrupty...", "Another Taylor Swift Reference!")


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This week on the pod we're talking about "Useful Idiot," including those WTF final few minutes, the fine line between profound and gratuitous, and what we can expect from the last three episodes of the season (and why Saul needs to please chill for 20 minutes).

(Alternate titles: "Too Much Carrie," "It Felt Like Days," "Do Not Disturb Mode," "Let's Place a Bet," "You Tried. Shrug.")


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"This show is... a beautiful disaster"... is pretty much the theme of much of our conversation about the eighth episode of season seven, "Lies, Amplifiers, Fucking Twitter." From Carrie's decision to walk out the front door; to the downfall of Dante, eerily paralleling both Brody and Quinn; to the wonderful idiocy of David Wellington, Chief Dunce. We cover it all! 

(Alternate titles: "11 Carrie Mathisons Out of 13," "Things in Boxes," "Go Bang It Out," "He Puts the Dunn in Done!") 


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This week on the pod we are all about "come to Jesus" moments. First we lament Carrie's inability to see the light re: Dante, and what not to do with your kid on a field trip around Washington. Then Gail describes her own epiphany recognizing Saul as a garbage human. Lastly, we discuss the truly WTF development of Wellington having a secret crush on his boss. We close by playing a truly excellent game of "What's More Awkward?" This episode gave us a lot of material on that front!

(Alternate titles: "Tossin' Around with These Shitheads," "Perpetual State of Denial," "The Sky Is Not the Limit," "I Really Need to Get More Wine," "Get a Grip Carrie," "The First Pawn," "I Edited This on an Airplane.")

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This week we are talking all things "Species Jump," one of the best episodes of the show in quite a few years. We cover the joy and beauty of watching Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin acting together, the demise of our favorite spies, and the most delicious of all plot twists. Since we're halfway through the season, we also talk about how we're feeling about the season overall. And we close by playing the best game of all (wait for it) thyme. 

(Alternate titles: "She Fredo'd His Ass," "A Room Very Far Away," "Mole Studies.")


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This week on the pod we dive into the fifth episode of season seven, "Active Measures." While I describe by complicated feelings about the Dante (and Quinn) of it all, Gail gives her in-depth theory on who/what/where/when/why of the great and mysterious mole. We also discuss Homeland's treatment of racial and gender politics, cheer the return of our favorite Russian defector, and talk about which character we'd bring back if it were up to us. 

(Alternate titles: "Bugged and Oblivious," "Is That in the DSM-V?", "Veto Veto Veto," "How Can We Become Russian Assets?")


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There are a lot of people on this show who are, like, bad at things. Carrie, Saul, O'Keefe, Keane, Wellington... This week we examine the potential growth (or lack thereof) of our main character and discuss the portrayal of Carrie's mental illness both this season and over the span of the series. We also re-evaluate who's on the payroll at Mole City Hall and discuss the mixed emotions of O'Keefe's capture and Saul's failure. 

If you haven't read the HYH exclusive interview with Amy Hargreaves, who plays Maggie Mathison, you can read it on the blog here. It's a good one. 

(Alternate titles: "Mustache Man #1," "Light Debate," "Everybody's Mom," "Tag This for Receipts," "Weaponize the Conversation.")

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We've reached a milestone! Our 50th episode covers all things from "Standoff," including a detailed discussion of Carrie Mathison's mental illness and what that portrayal means on television, just what's going on with Dante Allen, the surprising turn of Brett O'Keefe, and the feminist implications of Elizabeth Keane's presidency. (I don't know why I decided to use everyone's full names just now. I'm going with it!) We close with a throwback pod game. Fun times are had by all! 

For real though, fifty episodes of this shebang is incredible. To anyone who's ever listened to or supported the pod, thank you thank you thank you! 

(Alternate titles: "You're Good at Words!", "I Need More Words," "Dante Came A-Knockin' to Maggie's Back Door," "Why Is This Happening to ME?", "God Bless You Sharon," "Wicked Muddy.")


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This week Gail and I discuss a real.... question mark of an episode, "Rebel Rebel." We spend the majority of the time talking through Carrie's arc and that's where this episode gets its title from. Just as Carrie gets her own Maggie-ordered therapy session, so do we. We cover Carrie's reaction to Quinn's mention and how her behavior evokes Quinn in a unique way, her deteriorating mental state, motherhood, sexism and misogyny... and of course the most wonderfully satisfying ass whooping in recent memory. Our discussion closes with a comparison of O'Keefe to real-world politicians and a deep dive into Carrie and Saul's relationship and the different iterations it's taken over the years. You may be thinking this is off-topic. Did I tell you this was like a therapy session? 

(Alternate titles: "Running in Place," "Worse to Get Better," "Who Hasn't Fallen Asleep Looking at Memes," "That Was Dumb But... Carrie's Sometimes Dumb," "BTDUBS I Got Out!")

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For our first podcast of season seven, Ashley and I are joined by new podcaster Gail. We discuss our surprisingly not horrible, actually kinda good-ish (or for some, just straight up good) reactions to the premiere episode and cover a spectrum of topics: Carrie's mental state, Keane's rage, vintage Homeland vibes, and of course PARALLELS. We also discuss the lack of explicit reference to Peter Quinn, as well as homages to his character, how he was felt throughout the premiere, and how we expect his loss to be addressed this season. 

Oh, and, of course, we discuss the most majestic human of all, Maggie Mathison. Queen. Boss. BAMF. The only real adult on this show. Can we get a thousand snaps for Maggie, please? 

(Alternate titles: "Karmic Reward," "A Hypocrite and a Half," "David W. and David E.," "She's Never Gonna See That Cat," "Deep State Death Trio," "Do They Just Keep Ruby in the Attic?")

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WE ARE BACK. Oh my God, this episode. It's been almost five months since our last podcast, and the new season is starting soon, so we have a lot of ground to cover! We break down what we know (and feel) about the new season, offer reflections on season six after a good amount of distance, detail the craziness of blog and fandom life, and, finally, wax poetic about our new favorite, non-life-ruining TV shows. "The ambient noise is charming," Sara told herself. 

(Alt titles: "Joy and Love/Drudgery and Pain," "Cupcakes and Rainbows," "The Bleakness of the Human Condition," "HE WAS MARRIED TO KIRSTIE ALLEY," "I Maintain That I Am Not Mentally Ill.")

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