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This week Gail and I discuss a real.... question mark of an episode, "Rebel Rebel." We spend the majority of the time talking through Carrie's arc and that's where this episode gets its title from. Just as Carrie gets her own Maggie-ordered therapy session, so do we. We cover Carrie's reaction to Quinn's mention and how her behavior evokes Quinn in a unique way, her deteriorating mental state, motherhood, sexism and misogyny... and of course the most wonderfully satisfying ass whooping in recent memory. Our discussion closes with a comparison of O'Keefe to real-world politicians and a deep dive into Carrie and Saul's relationship and the different iterations it's taken over the years. You may be thinking this is off-topic. Did I tell you this was like a therapy session? 

(Alternate titles: "Running in Place," "Worse to Get Better," "Who Hasn't Fallen Asleep Looking at Memes," "That Was Dumb But... Carrie's Sometimes Dumb," "BTDUBS I Got Out!")

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For our first podcast of season seven, Ashley and I are joined by new podcaster Gail. We discuss our surprisingly not horrible, actually kinda good-ish (or for some, just straight up good) reactions to the premiere episode and cover a spectrum of topics: Carrie's mental state, Keane's rage, vintage Homeland vibes, and of course PARALLELS. We also discuss the lack of explicit reference to Peter Quinn, as well as homages to his character, how he was felt throughout the premiere, and how we expect his loss to be addressed this season. 

Oh, and, of course, we discuss the most majestic human of all, Maggie Mathison. Queen. Boss. BAMF. The only real adult on this show. Can we get a thousand snaps for Maggie, please? 

(Alternate titles: "Karmic Reward," "A Hypocrite and a Half," "David W. and David E.," "She's Never Gonna See That Cat," "Deep State Death Trio," "Do They Just Keep Ruby in the Attic?")

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