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This week on the pod we are all about "come to Jesus" moments. First we lament Carrie's inability to see the light re: Dante, and what not to do with your kid on a field trip around Washington. Then Gail describes her own epiphany recognizing Saul as a garbage human. Lastly, we discuss the truly WTF development of Wellington having a secret crush on his boss. We close by playing a truly excellent game of "What's More Awkward?" This episode gave us a lot of material on that front!

(Alternate titles: "Tossin' Around with These Shitheads," "Perpetual State of Denial," "The Sky Is Not the Limit," "I Really Need to Get More Wine," "Get a Grip Carrie," "The First Pawn," "I Edited This on an Airplane.")

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This week we are talking all things "Species Jump," one of the best episodes of the show in quite a few years. We cover the joy and beauty of watching Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin acting together, the demise of our favorite spies, and the most delicious of all plot twists. Since we're halfway through the season, we also talk about how we're feeling about the season overall. And we close by playing the best game of all (wait for it) thyme. 

(Alternate titles: "She Fredo'd His Ass," "A Room Very Far Away," "Mole Studies.")


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This week on the pod we dive into the fifth episode of season seven, "Active Measures." While I describe by complicated feelings about the Dante (and Quinn) of it all, Gail gives her in-depth theory on who/what/where/when/why of the great and mysterious mole. We also discuss Homeland's treatment of racial and gender politics, cheer the return of our favorite Russian defector, and talk about which character we'd bring back if it were up to us. 

(Alternate titles: "Bugged and Oblivious," "Is That in the DSM-V?", "Veto Veto Veto," "How Can We Become Russian Assets?")


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There are a lot of people on this show who are, like, bad at things. Carrie, Saul, O'Keefe, Keane, Wellington... This week we examine the potential growth (or lack thereof) of our main character and discuss the portrayal of Carrie's mental illness both this season and over the span of the series. We also re-evaluate who's on the payroll at Mole City Hall and discuss the mixed emotions of O'Keefe's capture and Saul's failure. 

If you haven't read the HYH exclusive interview with Amy Hargreaves, who plays Maggie Mathison, you can read it on the blog here. It's a good one. 

(Alternate titles: "Mustache Man #1," "Light Debate," "Everybody's Mom," "Tag This for Receipts," "Weaponize the Conversation.")

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We've reached a milestone! Our 50th episode covers all things from "Standoff," including a detailed discussion of Carrie Mathison's mental illness and what that portrayal means on television, just what's going on with Dante Allen, the surprising turn of Brett O'Keefe, and the feminist implications of Elizabeth Keane's presidency. (I don't know why I decided to use everyone's full names just now. I'm going with it!) We close with a throwback pod game. Fun times are had by all! 

For real though, fifty episodes of this shebang is incredible. To anyone who's ever listened to or supported the pod, thank you thank you thank you! 

(Alternate titles: "You're Good at Words!", "I Need More Words," "Dante Came A-Knockin' to Maggie's Back Door," "Why Is This Happening to ME?", "God Bless You Sharon," "Wicked Muddy.")


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