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This week we talk about the raised stakes in "All In," including the return of one of the show's most notorious villains, the climactic meeting of Carrie and Simone, fucking Janet, spidey!Carrie, and Yevgeny and Simone's twisty love affair. We also discuss how the season will end: will Carrie be successful? Will Keane keep her job? Will Saul leave Carrie behind? Will any of us actually survive the episode?!

(Alternate titles: "Weird Homeland Meta Dream Slash Nightmare," "A Cadbury Egg," "He's a Little Bitch," "This Needs to End.")



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This week, we examine the tenth episode of the season, "Clarity." Was it boring, or just understated? Does Carrie's decision at the end of the episode give us closure, or was it ultimately frustrating to see her end up where she started? We're not in total agreement on the Carrie, Maggie, and Franny of it all. Later, we examine the similarities between Keane and Carrie and the choices they made in the most important decisions of their lives. We close with the highly anticipated next installment of Ashley's analysis of the now-departed Dante. It'll leave you blue! 

(Alternate titles: "The Brave One," "Home Improvement Was So Good," "The Point is, Interrupty...", "Another Taylor Swift Reference!")


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This week on the pod we're talking about "Useful Idiot," including those WTF final few minutes, the fine line between profound and gratuitous, and what we can expect from the last three episodes of the season (and why Saul needs to please chill for 20 minutes).

(Alternate titles: "Too Much Carrie," "It Felt Like Days," "Do Not Disturb Mode," "Let's Place a Bet," "You Tried. Shrug.")


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"This show is... a beautiful disaster"... is pretty much the theme of much of our conversation about the eighth episode of season seven, "Lies, Amplifiers, Fucking Twitter." From Carrie's decision to walk out the front door; to the downfall of Dante, eerily paralleling both Brody and Quinn; to the wonderful idiocy of David Wellington, Chief Dunce. We cover it all! 

(Alternate titles: "11 Carrie Mathisons Out of 13," "Things in Boxes," "Go Bang It Out," "He Puts the Dunn in Done!") 


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