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This week we discuss the friends and foes, both real and fake, in “False Friends.” From a few shocking revelations in the ongoing mystery of Carrie and Yevgeny’s relationship to the character rehab of Haqqani and how Saul maybe, possibly, probably (?) helped save his son’s life (in his own roundabout Saul way). Also, is Jenna a Russian agent? Who is the real goddess of Homeland? Is Max running out of time? Was Carrie smoking twice on a rooftop tremendous or extremely tremendous?! All this and more…

(Alternate titles: “Yevgeny Will Be a Great Dad,” “Spiraled,” “What a Republican,” “Too Much Drama,” “Cautionary Tale,” “Let’s Not Say Anything Out Loud About What May or May Not Happen.”)

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This week we discuss we discuss the second episode of the season, “Catch and Release.” First we talk about whether the show’s stories this season are offering anything new and novel. We discuss what on earth Carrie could possibly not remember about her time in Russian captivity and debate whether Saul is an idealist or realist. Finally, our favorite topic: opening credits! Important or meaningless? Things get jazzy!

(Alternate titles: “Maybe I’m Growing as a Person,” “I’m Gonna Have a Party,” “Even Numbered Seasons,” “April 26th,” “Hit in the Face,” “A Choice,” “I Have a Thought”)

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After nearly two years, the final season of Homeland is upon us. This week we discuss the premiere episode, "Deception Indicated." We talk about the horrors of Carrie's captivity, as well as what horrors await us in the season, from Carrie and Yevgeny's suspect romance to Saul's fate (over/under on Saul dying in episode 10?). 

(Alternate titles: "I Struggle to Care," "Broken," "Riding Bitch.")

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