The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

This week we discuss the series finale of Homeland and struggle to come up with synonyms for the word “perfect.” Our discussion focuses on the show’s central relationship between Carrie and Saul (don’t worry, we’ll cover the rest in the next podcast). We talk about our reactions to the episode, from that devastating betrayal to “two years later.” How does their journey end? And how might it also be a new beginning?

To everyone who’s tuned in the last five years, thank you thank you thank you. We have more podcast episodes planned over the next few weeks, but for now we want to say how grateful we are to all who came along for the ride. We had a time. 

(Alternate titles: “The Last Bridge,” “Perfectly Carrie,” “Jazz is Crazy. Period,” “A Point That I Forget Making But Still Agree With,” “Two Years Later? Let’s Talk About Two Years Later!”, “Not Not Real,” “A Revelation,” “Ok So Here’s What I Have to Say About the Knee Touch.”)

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