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As promised, this week we’re talking about loose threads from the finale (as well as revisiting some points from last week) and reflecting on season eight as a whole. We address The Franny Situation, why the way in which Carrie and Saul’s relationship ended is so significant, what it means for the ending to be hopeful (versus not), this season’s most pleasant surprises, and more. Oh, and knee touch.

(Alternate titles: “Her Hubris,” “It’s Not Gonna Be in the Movie,” “Yada Yada,” “Problems B, C, and D,” “New Paradigm,” “Did You Take Out the Garbage? No, You Killed Max,” “I Think It’s Literally Called ‘Dress,’” “I Don’t Need That in My Life,” “I Don’t Have Any More Thoughts… Currently.”)

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This week we discuss the series finale of Homeland and struggle to come up with synonyms for the word “perfect.” Our discussion focuses on the show’s central relationship between Carrie and Saul (don’t worry, we’ll cover the rest in the next podcast). We talk about our reactions to the episode, from that devastating betrayal to “two years later.” How does their journey end? And how might it also be a new beginning?

To everyone who’s tuned in the last five years, thank you thank you thank you. We have more podcast episodes planned over the next few weeks, but for now we want to say how grateful we are to all who came along for the ride. We had a time. 

(Alternate titles: “The Last Bridge,” “Perfectly Carrie,” “Jazz is Crazy. Period,” “A Point That I Forget Making But Still Agree With,” “Two Years Later? Let’s Talk About Two Years Later!”, “Not Not Real,” “A Revelation,” “Ok So Here’s What I Have to Say About the Knee Touch.”)

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This week we discuss the penultimate episode of the series, “The English Teacher,” and attempt to answer the age-old question of just what the heck Carrie will do next. We examine in depth her relationship with Saul and how this episode uniquely highlighted what makes it so special, so maddening, and so damn compelling. What can we learn from previous seasons about how this all might wrap up? What questions will be answered and which will be left open-ended? Will any of us actually be ok when it’s all over?

(Alternate titles: “Carrie Gonna Carrie,” “What the Fuck Is Happening with These Fucking Books,” “DRAMATIC PAUSE,” “Where You At,” “Surprise, Bitches!”)

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This week we're discussing the antepenultimate episode of the series, "Designated Driver." We analyze Carrie's motives and attempt to predict not only her fate but that of her relationship with Saul. Will she actually betray him? If so, is the human toll of that decision ultimately worth it? Also: an emotional and parallel-heavy ending, the payoff to Carrie and Jenna's relationship, and the question of whether Carrie and Yevgeny will ever see each other again. Finally: which Homeland characters would we like to quarantine with? 

(Alternate titles: "The Hangover," "Scottsdale," "Yes Man," "She Needs Propranolol," "It Remains Quinn's Fault," "She Still Has Yevgeny," "But Where Is Lynne Reed?")

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This week we discuss the delight that is “In Full Flight” (hey, that rhymes!). First things first: the Carrie and Yevgeny of it all! We dissect their scenes and interactions and try to parse what it all means. Is Carrie growing? Has Yevgeny been playing her the whole time? We also talk about the ramifications of last week’s episode re: Saul and Carrie, check in on Tasneem and Jalal, and decide which IRL (or 24) president Hayes is modeled after.

(Alternate titles: “[Crosstalk]”, “Aftershocks,” “She Blinked First,” “Semi-Genuine,” “Age Appropriate,” “Harry  Potter Movie Extra,” “That’s One of My Biggest Problems with You.”)

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This week we're discussing the brightest and sunniest Homeland episode there ever was! Just kidding, "Threnody(s)" was a one-two-three gut punch. We reflect on Max's legacy and what his character meant to the show and to us. Plus: the transformation of Haqqani, a brewing betrayal between Carrie and Saul, Yevgeny's potentially ulterior motives, and what this season's resident baddies are going to get their hands in these last four episodes. 

(Alternate titles: "Ugh, John Zabel," "Ominous Beard," "Hell in a Handbasket," "On a Not Really More Cheery Note.")

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This week we discuss “Fucker Shot Me,” and it’s fair to say it’s the most divided we’ve been this season. Was it just a transitional episode or will this end up being more relevant down the line? We discuss Carrie and Yevgeny’s road trip, Saul’s rapidly declining career, and Max’s ongoing nightmare. Plus: where can Carrie go from here and will Saul be alongside?

(Alternate titles: “Bravo Sara,” “Solar Calculators Are Also Important,” “Reverse Soul Patch,” “The Benefit of the Doubt,” “Oh My God RIP,” “The Negative Nelly of This Podcast.”)

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This week we talk about "Two Minutes," aka the episode where Homeland turned into a comedy series all of a sudden. We dive into all the ways shit hit the fan, from Hayes finding his ~presidential moment~ to Haqqani surrendering himself and a climactic Carrie/Saul fight. Also: how many ways was Carrie a teenager? Do we trust Yevgeny? Will we ever see that flight recorder again?! Plus plenty and plenty of PARALLELS. 

(Alternate titles: "Gullible Ninny," "Being Carrie," "A Good Bookend," "Let's Be Canonical," "Hot Evil Person," "Because of Reasons," "So What is the Truth?")

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This week we discuss "Chalk Two Down," the second of two major set-up episodes this season. We agree it was well-executed television... but did we like it? Then we put the puzzle pieces together and chart our predictions for what will come next. Also on the docket: the fine line between a warning and a threat, twin VPs rising to power, and a possible "let's tie it all up with a bow" series ending. 

(Alternate titles: "People Shooting Guns," "Two Things," "Carrie's Fault," "#SaveMax," "My Taxes.")

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This week we discuss the various converging storylines in the final season’s fourth episode, “Chalk One Up.” We offer predictions on who was behind the episode’s tense final moments and what that means for our girl Carrie. How might the president’s acknowledgement of Carrie’s patriotism play into future episodes and how does it fit into her overall arc? Finally, we discuss Carrie’s subplot with Samira and Max’s with his soldiers and debate the merits of both stories.

(Alternate titles: “Overanalyzing,” “A Sentence In,” “Not Good Optics,” “Two Things,” “That Episode Ruined My Birthday,” “My Tin Foil Hat Is Large and In Charge,” “What is the Context of This?!”)

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This week we discuss the friends and foes, both real and fake, in “False Friends.” From a few shocking revelations in the ongoing mystery of Carrie and Yevgeny’s relationship to the character rehab of Haqqani and how Saul maybe, possibly, probably (?) helped save his son’s life (in his own roundabout Saul way). Also, is Jenna a Russian agent? Who is the real goddess of Homeland? Is Max running out of time? Was Carrie smoking twice on a rooftop tremendous or extremely tremendous?! All this and more…

(Alternate titles: “Yevgeny Will Be a Great Dad,” “Spiraled,” “What a Republican,” “Too Much Drama,” “Cautionary Tale,” “Let’s Not Say Anything Out Loud About What May or May Not Happen.”)

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This week we discuss we discuss the second episode of the season, “Catch and Release.” First we talk about whether the show’s stories this season are offering anything new and novel. We discuss what on earth Carrie could possibly not remember about her time in Russian captivity and debate whether Saul is an idealist or realist. Finally, our favorite topic: opening credits! Important or meaningless? Things get jazzy!

(Alternate titles: “Maybe I’m Growing as a Person,” “I’m Gonna Have a Party,” “Even Numbered Seasons,” “April 26th,” “Hit in the Face,” “A Choice,” “I Have a Thought”)

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After nearly two years, the final season of Homeland is upon us. This week we discuss the premiere episode, "Deception Indicated." We talk about the horrors of Carrie's captivity, as well as what horrors await us in the season, from Carrie and Yevgeny's suspect romance to Saul's fate (over/under on Saul dying in episode 10?). 

(Alternate titles: "I Struggle to Care," "Broken," "Riding Bitch.")

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We talk about the newly-released season eight trailer and what we can learn from it about the final season of the show. We cover Carrie's whereabouts and mental state since season seven, just what the heck is going on with Yevgeny, and our favorite of topics: Saul and Carrie's toxic relationship. Finally, we offer some mostly context-less predictions about where season eight will take us: who lives, who dies, and whose grave will be visited. 

(Alt titles: "I Like to Watch the World Burn," "Season Six Was What It Was," "Where Was Hugh Dancy?!")

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It took Ashley and I three full tries to record this podcast because of various technical issues, which just goes to show how much we actually wanted to discuss this. This, being.... just what the hell happened in seasons five and six? What did the writers intend to depict in the relationship between Carrie and Quinn, and how was that different than the fandom's interpretation? Did Carrie love Quinn? Could they have been happy? Why did they kill Quinn not once, but twice? And how could we have missed it--not once, but twice? And how has distance and perspective altered our answers to all of these questions? 

It's been a year and a half since Quinn (allegedly, per Ashley) died. Eighteen months in search of the answer to that question: why? In this episode, Ashley and I attempt to offer some answers. 


(Alternate titles: "Brody Had Lines," "Sorry for Sara-ing You," "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," "This Sucks Now. Peace Out," "Only Richard Burton Was Real.")

(Technical pod note: As mentioned above, we had a slew of technical difficulties attempting to get this recorded but seem to have gotten something resembling audible on the third try. That said, you might hear a strange echo in a couple parts, although I tried as much as possible to fix this in the editing process. As always, thank you for listening.) 

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We are super excited to bring you this special podcast episode featuring an interview with Ellen Adair, who brought Janet Bayne, Chief of Staff to Senator Paley, to life during season seven. We talk to Ellen about getting into Janet's head, working with the great Dylan Baker, how Janet's role evolved throughout the season, and, of course, that Janet hair! A million thanks to Ellen for her time and the wonderful discussion!

(Alternate titles: "Fuck the Rules!", "Minus the Treason," "Janet is Nobody's Idiot.")

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This week we're discussing the season seven finale "Paean to the People," which elicited from all of us strong reactions ranging from disgust to pride. We break down the conclusion of Elizabeth Keane's presidency, the redemption of Carrie (and Saul?), and where the show and its characters go from here. Sighs on sighs on sighs, y'all. 

(Alternate titles: "Carrie's Pain," "Full Circle," "Cherries.")


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This week we talk about the raised stakes in "All In," including the return of one of the show's most notorious villains, the climactic meeting of Carrie and Simone, fucking Janet, spidey!Carrie, and Yevgeny and Simone's twisty love affair. We also discuss how the season will end: will Carrie be successful? Will Keane keep her job? Will Saul leave Carrie behind? Will any of us actually survive the episode?!

(Alternate titles: "Weird Homeland Meta Dream Slash Nightmare," "A Cadbury Egg," "He's a Little Bitch," "This Needs to End.")



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This week, we examine the tenth episode of the season, "Clarity." Was it boring, or just understated? Does Carrie's decision at the end of the episode give us closure, or was it ultimately frustrating to see her end up where she started? We're not in total agreement on the Carrie, Maggie, and Franny of it all. Later, we examine the similarities between Keane and Carrie and the choices they made in the most important decisions of their lives. We close with the highly anticipated next installment of Ashley's analysis of the now-departed Dante. It'll leave you blue! 

(Alternate titles: "The Brave One," "Home Improvement Was So Good," "The Point is, Interrupty...", "Another Taylor Swift Reference!")


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This week on the pod we're talking about "Useful Idiot," including those WTF final few minutes, the fine line between profound and gratuitous, and what we can expect from the last three episodes of the season (and why Saul needs to please chill for 20 minutes).

(Alternate titles: "Too Much Carrie," "It Felt Like Days," "Do Not Disturb Mode," "Let's Place a Bet," "You Tried. Shrug.")


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"This show is... a beautiful disaster"... is pretty much the theme of much of our conversation about the eighth episode of season seven, "Lies, Amplifiers, Fucking Twitter." From Carrie's decision to walk out the front door; to the downfall of Dante, eerily paralleling both Brody and Quinn; to the wonderful idiocy of David Wellington, Chief Dunce. We cover it all! 

(Alternate titles: "11 Carrie Mathisons Out of 13," "Things in Boxes," "Go Bang It Out," "He Puts the Dunn in Done!") 


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This week on the pod we are all about "come to Jesus" moments. First we lament Carrie's inability to see the light re: Dante, and what not to do with your kid on a field trip around Washington. Then Gail describes her own epiphany recognizing Saul as a garbage human. Lastly, we discuss the truly WTF development of Wellington having a secret crush on his boss. We close by playing a truly excellent game of "What's More Awkward?" This episode gave us a lot of material on that front!

(Alternate titles: "Tossin' Around with These Shitheads," "Perpetual State of Denial," "The Sky Is Not the Limit," "I Really Need to Get More Wine," "Get a Grip Carrie," "The First Pawn," "I Edited This on an Airplane.")

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This week we are talking all things "Species Jump," one of the best episodes of the show in quite a few years. We cover the joy and beauty of watching Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin acting together, the demise of our favorite spies, and the most delicious of all plot twists. Since we're halfway through the season, we also talk about how we're feeling about the season overall. And we close by playing the best game of all (wait for it) thyme. 

(Alternate titles: "She Fredo'd His Ass," "A Room Very Far Away," "Mole Studies.")


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This week on the pod we dive into the fifth episode of season seven, "Active Measures." While I describe by complicated feelings about the Dante (and Quinn) of it all, Gail gives her in-depth theory on who/what/where/when/why of the great and mysterious mole. We also discuss Homeland's treatment of racial and gender politics, cheer the return of our favorite Russian defector, and talk about which character we'd bring back if it were up to us. 

(Alternate titles: "Bugged and Oblivious," "Is That in the DSM-V?", "Veto Veto Veto," "How Can We Become Russian Assets?")


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There are a lot of people on this show who are, like, bad at things. Carrie, Saul, O'Keefe, Keane, Wellington... This week we examine the potential growth (or lack thereof) of our main character and discuss the portrayal of Carrie's mental illness both this season and over the span of the series. We also re-evaluate who's on the payroll at Mole City Hall and discuss the mixed emotions of O'Keefe's capture and Saul's failure. 

If you haven't read the HYH exclusive interview with Amy Hargreaves, who plays Maggie Mathison, you can read it on the blog here. It's a good one. 

(Alternate titles: "Mustache Man #1," "Light Debate," "Everybody's Mom," "Tag This for Receipts," "Weaponize the Conversation.")

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We've reached a milestone! Our 50th episode covers all things from "Standoff," including a detailed discussion of Carrie Mathison's mental illness and what that portrayal means on television, just what's going on with Dante Allen, the surprising turn of Brett O'Keefe, and the feminist implications of Elizabeth Keane's presidency. (I don't know why I decided to use everyone's full names just now. I'm going with it!) We close with a throwback pod game. Fun times are had by all! 

For real though, fifty episodes of this shebang is incredible. To anyone who's ever listened to or supported the pod, thank you thank you thank you! 

(Alternate titles: "You're Good at Words!", "I Need More Words," "Dante Came A-Knockin' to Maggie's Back Door," "Why Is This Happening to ME?", "God Bless You Sharon," "Wicked Muddy.")


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This week Gail and I discuss a real.... question mark of an episode, "Rebel Rebel." We spend the majority of the time talking through Carrie's arc and that's where this episode gets its title from. Just as Carrie gets her own Maggie-ordered therapy session, so do we. We cover Carrie's reaction to Quinn's mention and how her behavior evokes Quinn in a unique way, her deteriorating mental state, motherhood, sexism and misogyny... and of course the most wonderfully satisfying ass whooping in recent memory. Our discussion closes with a comparison of O'Keefe to real-world politicians and a deep dive into Carrie and Saul's relationship and the different iterations it's taken over the years. You may be thinking this is off-topic. Did I tell you this was like a therapy session? 

(Alternate titles: "Running in Place," "Worse to Get Better," "Who Hasn't Fallen Asleep Looking at Memes," "That Was Dumb But... Carrie's Sometimes Dumb," "BTDUBS I Got Out!")

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For our first podcast of season seven, Ashley and I are joined by new podcaster Gail. We discuss our surprisingly not horrible, actually kinda good-ish (or for some, just straight up good) reactions to the premiere episode and cover a spectrum of topics: Carrie's mental state, Keane's rage, vintage Homeland vibes, and of course PARALLELS. We also discuss the lack of explicit reference to Peter Quinn, as well as homages to his character, how he was felt throughout the premiere, and how we expect his loss to be addressed this season. 

Oh, and, of course, we discuss the most majestic human of all, Maggie Mathison. Queen. Boss. BAMF. The only real adult on this show. Can we get a thousand snaps for Maggie, please? 

(Alternate titles: "Karmic Reward," "A Hypocrite and a Half," "David W. and David E.," "She's Never Gonna See That Cat," "Deep State Death Trio," "Do They Just Keep Ruby in the Attic?")

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WE ARE BACK. Oh my God, this episode. It's been almost five months since our last podcast, and the new season is starting soon, so we have a lot of ground to cover! We break down what we know (and feel) about the new season, offer reflections on season six after a good amount of distance, detail the craziness of blog and fandom life, and, finally, wax poetic about our new favorite, non-life-ruining TV shows. "The ambient noise is charming," Sara told herself. 

(Alt titles: "Joy and Love/Drudgery and Pain," "Cupcakes and Rainbows," "The Bleakness of the Human Condition," "HE WAS MARRIED TO KIRSTIE ALLEY," "I Maintain That I Am Not Mentally Ill.")

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We talk about our (mis)adventures in the city and other fandom/hiatus goings-on.

(Alternate titles: "Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge," "Like in a Batman Kind of Way," "It Was on the Way to Red Lobster," "Her Name's Gonna be Robin.")


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Welcome to #HYHPodAndWhine, a Very Special Episode of the HYH podcast in which we took your questions. From Saul and Dar to Carrie/Quinn love to #quinnspiracy2k17, we cover literally the entire spectrum during this marathon discussion. Obviously there was wine, and lots of laughing, and some dog barks.  

(Alternate titles: "You Person," "Psychic Break," "Shitfight," "I Have Some Feelings About That, But Maybe Not For Right Now," "Better Dressed Rats," "No Emo Shit," "Smoldering Care,""I Deserved It," "Judith Warner: Drink!") 


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In this episode we check in nearly two months after that "what the hell just happened here?" finale. We're all in different and strange places. While we locate where we've been and where we think we're going, we recap the events of the last few months and offer our own take. Turns out a "two months later" time jump is kinda weird. Writers, take note. 

(Alternate titles: "I Have More to Say," "Other Level Bad," "Ashley Talks About Herself in the Third Person," "More Than Hookers?", "Why Do People Think We Can Explain Shit," "I Am Legitimately Fucked in the Head.") 


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My fabulous mother joins me again on the podcast, this time for a discussion of the season finale of season six. I get her take on what we've all been talking about the past few weeks, and we reflect on the season overall and try to connect the dots. Later we wonder what the future might bring for the show and talk about things we've cried and quit over in our respective TV pasts. 

(Alternate titles: "Real Life is Difficult Enough," "No Inhibitions about Stuff," "The End in Mind.")

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We discuss the finale of season six, "America First." We work through our various reactions--sadness, confusion, rage, shock--and attempt to parse through each of them. Throughout we reflect on Peter Quinn: who he was, and what he stood for. We close the episode by discussing the depth and complexity Rupert Friend brought to the role. 

(No alternate title this week but I wanted to leave you with the final lyrics of the song that opens and closes this week's episode, "Powderfinger" by Cowboy Junkies: 

Shelter me from the powder and the finger
Cover me with the thought
That pulled the trigger.
Think of me
As one you'd never figured
Would fade away so young
With so much left undone
Remember me to my love
I know I'll miss her)

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It's telling that I inadvertently referred to this episode as a debate... there is quite a lot of (healthy) disagreement among us on the various virtues--or lack thereof--in the penultimate episode of season six. Because apparently that's my new M.O., I get really earnest about Carrie and Quinn while Ashleys describes her increasing uneasiness and frustration with Quinn's characterization. We close with another pop quiz about our finale predictions as we head into the home stretch. It gets pretty... bananas. 

(Alternate titles: "Live Podcasting the Homeland FYC Panel," "We Know You're Done," "Meat Face," "Who is the We?") 

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Welcome to our 40th episode! This week Friend of the Pod Jordan joins us to discuss "The Flag House" and our varying levels of anxiety around how the season may (or may not) wrap up. We delve into fandom trends, what the future holds for Carrie (and Quinn),  as well as Mira, motherhood, and dear, dear Max. Our conversation ends with a classic HYH pod-style quiz show in which the question of the White Jesus Light is finally addressed (...sorta). 

(Alternate titles: "Saving Sara," "Crosstalk," "They  Clearly Belong Together," "All Caps Conversation," "It Was a Mountain Lion. Thank You," "On the Borders of Quebec.") 

Direct download: Episode40_-_3_29_17_10.06_PM.mp3
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This week we play catch-up, addressing the question of a feminist Homeland and patting ourselves on the back for being prescient on Brody matters. Just what does it mean for Carrie to connect the dots from Brody to Quinn? What is Quinn's actual endgame? What is Carrie's? What is Dar's? And on a scale of 1 to 10, how epic was Saul's takedown of Carrie? (We don't actually answer that last question but we all agree it was at the very least a 15.) 

(Alternate titles: "A Different Direction," "Sober-ish," "Dumpster Diving," "This Is No," "Mustache Tweaking.") 

Direct download: Episode39_-_3_21_17_11.03_PM.mp3
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Better late than never (and better two hours than three)! Our discussion of "alt.truth" spans the spectrum of man pain and feminist heroines. As we discuss just what the writers are doing with Peter Quinn this season we also speculate on what we can expect from the last third of the season. And when we revisit our varying interest in Carrie and Saul, things really take a turn. 

(Alternate titles: "Two Women Do Not a Panel Make.")

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This week is all about downward spirals: Homeland's into darkness, Carrie's into madness, Quinn's into tragedy, and Dar's into villainy. On the way Ashley tells a tale of old country roads and 3-hour detours, we wonder aloud just how fake of a friend Keane really is, and we speculate about what's to come in the rest of the season. (It takes us 40 minutes to get to Quinn and Dar, in case you're wondering.) 

(Alternate titles: "Fucking Homeland," "Drunk Founding Fathers," "Everyone's Learning Something," "...And Then I Opened Another Bottle of Wine," "Rock Bottom.")

Direct download: Episode37_-_3_7_17_11.07_PM.mp3
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This week on the podcast schedules and routines are disrupted. We discuss "The Return," which was in many ways a departure from what we've seen elsewhere on Homeland this season. Ashley tries to convince us of some particularly gruesome foreshadowing and I try not to inadvertently cause a ruckus. We also discuss the utilization of Quinn, the saga of Carrie and Saul, and politicians real and fictional. 

(Alternate titles: "I'm Breezy," "She Doesn't Have a Strong Chin.")

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This week we are discussing "Casus Belli," including our initial gut reactions (very polarized!) and 48-hours-later mellowed reactions. We also dissect Carrie's behavior, whether she was manipulating Quinn, and just what that shut door means. Finally we delve into spy plotting. Lots of questions, very few answers. 

(Alternate titles: "Franny and the Nanny," "A Really Bad Fucking Day," "It's a Verb.")

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This week a special guest joins me for a bonus episode of our pod. My mom, who has for years indulged my thoughts and rantings and general wonderments about this show, adds in some commentary of her own about Sunday's episode, "Casus Belli." 

We talk about unspoken promises and our reactions to watching what unfolded on screen. We delve into discussions of bad parenting, nefarious Dar, and crazy crocheters. 

I close by picking her brain on a few burning, long-standing questions re: Carrie and Quinn. 

(Alternate titles: "What Could I Defend," "Call Tree," "I Get It All," "I Hope She Wasn't a Knitter," "Forever and All-Time," "They Should've Done a FaceTime.") 

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In this, our 33rd episode, I come dangerously close to unironically reciting "that is a mischaracterization" à la manic Carrie in "The Vest."

We also get around to discussing Homeland's latest, "A Flash of Light." There are certain things we disagree on (just how much does it matter, one episode later, that the cookie scene was cut?). And certain things on which we wholeheartedly concur (Dar telling Carrie "I'm not Saul" is certainly a life highlight). 

We take a few other detours to expound on a changed Quinn, what it means for Carrie to be a capable mother, Charlie Rose, and whether Alex Gansa is a romantic at heart or not. 

(Alternate title: "No One Wants to Talk About Jonas")

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"The Covenant" was a strange and interesting and provocative episode. This week we tackle its most divisive scene--yep, that one. Did it make you angry or distracted? Or did it surprise you, in a good way? 

We also take on some of the other questions this episode posed, like what exactly gold cigarette packs mean? Why does Saul have a mystery sister? Did Carrie and Roger have a dalliance? Are parallels (aka my life's work) totally intentional or just happy accidents? 



(Alternate titles: "Gaslight," "In a Tank," "Supercilious," "'It's Carrie' ... 'Exactly.'")  

Direct download: Episode32_-_1_31_17_9.04_PM.mp3
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This week we explore the confounding, surprising beauty of "The Man in the Basement." We start at the end, with the devastation of the last scene between Carrie and Quinn, and work our way backward. What does it all mean? Why didn't she say more? What exactly is said and understood and what falls through the cracks, like so much else? 

We take a few brief detours to talk about Carrie's growth, female friendship, bedside parallels, and epic Saul takedowns. 

(Alternate title: "Did you know Claire Danes was at the March?")

Direct download: Episode31_-_1_25_17_9.08_PM.mp3
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Horrifying and/or awkward celebrity real life run-ins. Fast forward mishaps. Heart-of-Homeland hot take (for real) (really). Endearing Paley-ness. Déjà vu. STAUNCH HAPPY CARRIE DEFENSE. 

It's a roller coaster from start to finish. 

(Alternate titles: "Good Intentions," "Lots of Love and Monney," "Tim Daly is 60 Years Old," "Authentically Don't Understand.")

(The original "Halfway to a Donut" HYH podcast is titled "Escape or Die Chick" and I still think that is the best episode title ever, followed closely by "Sexual Death.")


Direct download: Episode30_-_1_10_17_9.50_PM.mp3
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Maybe you heard, the first episode of season six was released three weeks early. 

Well. We go through the whole big thing. 

How best to parse through unexpected or even unwanted reactions? How best to deal with that pit in the bottom of your stomach? How best to describe the dynamic between Carrie and Quinn (we search for the perfect metaphor)? How best to explain it all, days, weeks, or even months later? How best to adjust to a Homeland world so different from our own? 

(Alternate titles: "Hmmh!!!")

Direct download: Episode29_-_1_4_17_8.16_PM.mp3
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The series of HYH pod throwback episodes continues with the season three finale "The Star" and a discussion about what it means to put the mission before the man. We talk Brody's end, Carrie's new beginning, and Saul's last stand. There is also a very heated discussion about Quinn's role in late season three. 

This episode is sponsored by my love for Brit Marling. #WatchTheOA

(Alternate titles: "No Good Very Bad Day... Forever," "Pietà.")

Direct download: Episode28_-_12_23_16_10.05_PM.mp3
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Our journey through seasons past continues with season two's "New Car Smell." We have mixed opinions, which always makes for lively debate. On the docket: did Brody love Carrie? Did Brody make Carrie at the hotel bar? Did Carrie make Quinn? In an episode filled with deception and lies, we get to the heart of who was telling the truth and when. 

(Alternate titles: "Outside the Realm of Sanity," "Revisionist History.")

Direct download: Episode27_-_12_23_16_7.45_PM.mp3
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The season six premiere is exactly four weeks away, so we're counting down by taking a look back. What are the most important episodes of the series? Which had the greatest impact: on us, on the show, and on the characters? 

We start with "Marine One," the season one finale that I annually tweet about after watching it on the plane a few days before Christmas. I won't be doing that this year. Instead, we took some time to talk about the very best that season one has to offer. Remember when Carrie and Saul were, like, friends? Remember how incredible Damian Lewis was here? Remember David Estes?? We take a few other turns, with the hindsight that five extra years offer. 

(Alternate titles: "Crying on the Train in Public," "In My Own Canon," "We're Not Doing a Very Good Job of Talking about 'Marine One.'")

Direct download: Episode26_-_12_18_16_6.38_PM.mp3
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It's been over 11 months since the last Homeland episode graced our televisions and the world has changed a lot since then. Our conversation spans the politics of the show as well as the politics of real life. 

We discuss what exactly season six will be a season of. Discovery? Second chances? Sex? Was Carrie willing to let Quinn die in season five? Is Otto a red herring? Is Carrie a Democrat or a Republican (the former, of course)? 

I hope you'll stick to the end, and if you do you may notice I say "father/son" twice when I meant to say "father/daughter." I don't know why. It's been 11 months.

(Alternate titles: "Mental Block," "The Universe Is Conspiring," "I Am Directly Quoting You.")

Direct download: Episode25_-_11_22_16_10.25_PM.mp3
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That's it, that's the show. 

In this episode we attempt to parse through the various different implications of Quinn being alive, and in fact not dead. What follows is a conversation about what this show is, who the characters are, they type of future they'll get, the type of future they'll deserve, and how what we think says a lot about us, too. 

Cynical, hopeful, confused, regretful, relieved. We go through it all. 

Direct download: Episode24_-_1_18_16_11.17_PM.mp3
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Honestly it would be faster to just list what we didn't talk about. 

In this, our last episode of the season, we examine "A False Glimmer" as well as season five overall. We debate whether Allison's end was truly just, the wreckage of Carrie and Saul, if Jonas is a jerk disguised as a good guy, and what-in-fresh-hell Otto. We talk about Quinn, of course. We debate the various merits of his storyline this season, and of this end. We talk about The Letter and what it meant for Carrie to read it. We talk about Carrie, and where she goes from here. We get down to the very elements of it. 

I think it's my favorite podcast we've ever done, so I hope you stick through to the end (might be good for some holiday traveling). 

Thanks for tuning in this season. We had a blast. 

Direct download: Episode23_-_12_23_15_8.58_PM.mp3
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This week we delve into the brilliant maze that is "Our Man in Damascus" (but not that title because... idk). 

We both elaborate on just how much we absolutely love Allison Carr, that adorable psycho, and I explain how I've come full circle on Carrie/Quinn... also Saul hatred. 

Because I was told to, spoiler for The X-Files, a show that started more than 20 years ago and ended more than 10... but just in case. 

Also a trip down memory lane as we mark one year since Dalliance Anon. Oh, Dalliance Anon. 

The 22nd episode is here waiting for you. 

Direct download: Episode22_-_12_17_15_9.44_PM.mp3
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As we close in on the end of the season, we deal with episode 10's revelations and try to anticipate what's coming next. 

Supreme, abject pain: it's the New Normal on Homeland. (or is it?) 

Alternate episode titles: 

  • Remember David Estes
  • Tears
  • All That Rage 
  • They Type It, But They Don't Say It 
  • Death and All His Friends



Direct download: Episode21_-_12_10_15_8.04_PM.mp3
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...and we do, for like half an hour (and then again some more). About his current situation, whether this is the end, and how we're supposed to feel about Carrie's whole role in all of it. It's tricky. 

We also talk about why seeing Carrie and Saul made us feel like old timez -- good, bad, happy, sad. In fact, a lot of "The Litvinov Ruse" is like that. Old school Homeland, from the surveillance, to the Carrie and Saul hugs, to the feeling of just total helplessness because it's only gonna get worse from here. 

Cheers to three more episodes? (and thanks for sticking around for twenty of these!) 


Direct download: Episode20_-_12_3_15_8.38_PM.mp3
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This week we, fittingly, give thanks.

For circa-2005 Carrie, for Allison Carr and her online shopping habit, for some semblance of what they're finally doing with Quinn, for Saul finding out soon that the woman he's sleeping with is a traitor, for Banana Joe's, for the seeming end of wig (both, mind), and for the fact that we don't live in a time where if your cable craps out on you in the last five minutes of the episode you're not left wondering wtf happened for longer than it takes you to collect yourself and realize you can watch this episode on Showtime's streaming site! 

Thanks all around, especially to you, for listening. 


Direct download: Episode19_-_11_25_15_7.29_PM.mp3
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(repeat, repeat, repeat)

This week it's a change of pace, a change of heart, ch-ch-changes.

This week we talk about "Oriole" -- was it low-key, or boring, or over-the-top confusing? I bungle a few different explanations... (meta?) 

Then we talk about what we want from the last half of the season. And what we need. And what we'll probably never get. Sigh...

(ps i know i stopped talking about it but did you know we've gotten more hair in bun episodes this season than not)

Direct download: Episode18_-_11_20_15_8.25_PM.mp3
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We're back and about the same as before after a brief hiatus...


This week is all about euphemisms. Halfway through the season we have a lot of questions and not very many answers. 

We talk about Saul and how enjoyable it was to see him totally miserable, what's on the docket for Quinn, and if the Carrie and Jonas relationship can or should be repaired. 

I snuck in one mention of hand-through-hair before going speechless and there is a lengthy pause when I reveal the title of this year's finale. 

Direct download: Episode17_-_11_12_15_8.15_PM.mp3
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No mentions of HAIR IN A BUN, can you believe? 

We talk a lot about Carrie and Quinn, and what we're supposed to believe, and what we actually do believe, and our hopes and nightmares and worst case scenarios and dreams come true. 

Also lady hackers, lady villains, and lady killers. 

Who's involved in what and why and also how? Lots of questions, very few answers. 

(hair in a bun was so great you guys) 

Direct download: Episode16_-_10_28_15_9.27_PM.mp3
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On the agenda: is manic Carrie a trope at this point? How did Jonas deal with everything, all things considered? Can anyone explain what's going on with Quinn? Did this episode actually happen? Did we all mass dream it? 

... and then we get to Saul. 

If you ran this episode through a word cloud generator, here's what it would return: 


"so gross" 






"i don't hate" 



Direct download: Episode15_-_10_23_15_12.41_AM.mp3
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Melrose and I delve into last Sunday's episode. Really good, we agree, but does any of it make sense?

Also on the agenda: How ambiguous was Quinn's reaction? Or Carrie's? Does Saul want to kill Carrie? Why does anyone want to kill Carrie, really? 

Then we talk about some mid-week news:

Homeland -- is it Islamophobic and racist? 

Is Carrie happy to be back in Beirut? 

Saturday publishing means your weekend gets to be twice as Homeland-y! 

Oh... not really sure why I needed to go this far. 

Direct download: Episode14_-_10_17_15_2.28_PM.mp3
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It's the first episode of the season! Join us in this expression of our shared obsession. 

On the list: the progression of Carrie Mathison, the regression of Peter Quinn, various transgressions of Saul Berenson (can he leave pls???), first impressions, repressions, confession of confusion, anticipated depression, and more than one digression.  

The gang is in Berlin and I'm listening to Nena -- it's an 80's jam session! 

(Alternate title: 99 Luftballoon Hats)



Direct download: Episode13_-_10_8_15_8.55_PM.mp3
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Melrose and I convene for a pre-season session in which I explain my split personalities. We talk about Carrie and Quinn, Saul, boyfriends and wigs and just what the heck is gonna happen this season. Spoiler alert: neither of us knows but that doesn't stop us! 

. . . . 

"It's been a while," she said sheepishly. 

"Yeah." So startled, both of them. One more than the other.

"So are you back here?" he asks in his best nonchalant way.

She brings a hand to her forehead, anticipating every question.

"Yeah, in a way."  


Direct download: Episode12_-_9_11_15_11.54_PM.mp3
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Melrose and I discuss PaleyFest and what we think season five is gonna look like. We talk about straight white males, real and fictional, and just how problematic they are. It's a lively discussion, and Melrose is a lot funnier than I am. 

Direct download: Episode_11.mp3
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Melrose and I wrap up the podcast season by talking about season four as a whole. We discuss the characters and storylines we liked (Carrie and Quinn! Lockhart and Martha!) as well as the ones we didn't (demon Saul!), address season five rumors and speculation, and daydream about a Homeland-less life. It gets kinda #dark. 

Thanks everyone so much for listening throughout the past few months. This was a lot of fun to make and hopefully we can keep it up next year. 

Not discussed: the true identity of tumblr user carriequinndaily. 


Direct download: Episode_10.mp3
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Melrose and I talk about the 45 minutes of hell that was “13 Hours in Islamabad,” from those who died, those who survived, and those we wish had died. RIP John. You died as you lived: sitting down.

We discuss our predictions about the final two episodes, what we want from the end of the season, and get meta about the blog and fandom. 

Ever wonder how we can generate so much conversation from episodes so short? 

Direct download: Episode_7.mp3
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Melrose and I talk about episode 9, “There’s Something Else Going On” … for about ten minutes. 

We spend the remaining hour and change talking about theories for what comes next, why none of these theories makes sense, why we’re not sure if we want these theories to make sense… And hey! what about a theory that explains the entire critical reaction to Homeland? 

We go deep, but also broad, and it’s one of my favorite conversations we’ve had on the podcast yet this season — about the characters, their relationships, what this show is (and isn’t), and what this show means. 

Direct download: Episode_6.mp3
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In this episode Melrose and I talk about the season finale. And by talk I mean discuss at length. Everything from Saul being a monster, motherhood (good and bad), Carrie's arc, Lockhart's lasagna, and of course... The Kiss. 

We both have a lot to say and can't even believe it's over. Stick around for a "would you rather" that's kind of fun (or depressing) and reveals just how much Melrose likes to feel pain. 

Also this quote: "they switch sides with their faces." 

(and see if you can spot the episode's title!) 

Direct download: Episode_9.mp3
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Melrose and I talk about the fourth season's penultimate episode, hitting the big three: Dar, Frank, and Carrie/Quinn. I explain my upcoming dread and Melrose counters with calm and sane logic. Contrast! 

We both wax poetic about the wonder that is Claire Danes and struggle to articulate the sheer surprise of what happened this week with Carrie and Quinn.

We close with what we're most looking forward to in the finale and Melrose talks about the experience of her first season in the Homeland fandom. Things get heated! 

Direct download: Episode_8.mp3
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Melrose and I discuss the trials and tribulations of having to sit through "Halfway to a Donut." IN THE GOOD WAY. 

We talk about our changing opinions on basically everything, from Saul's ordeal to Carrie's conscience to Quinn's choice in pajamas. We offer up what the end of this season might look like and neither of us has any clue so we mostly just talk in circles and freak out about how dumb and married Carrie and Quinn were this episode.

We close with a would you rather in which I could not even say my choice out loud because I felt I'd be damned to HELL. Then we debate the various options of what I'll dub "The Good Wife Conundrum." 

Direct download: Episode_5.mp3
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Melrose and I talk about all things "Redux," from why I can't deal with Saul anymore to just what the heck is going on with Quinn to our reactions behind hallucination!Brody.

We discuss amazing facial expressions, predictions for future episodes, and catharsis at Carrie taking it to Quinn's junk.

We close with a would you rather that's on the surface tricky but superficially easy so long as you agree with me. 

All credit to Melrose for the episode's title. 

Direct download: Episode_4_-_.mp3
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Laura and I go down the rabbit hole with "Iron in the Fire," discussing matters of the mind (Carrie's), body (Carrie's), and soul (also Carrie's).

We talk about the origins of #Famax, what would happen if Quinn and Carrie ever actually became involved, and our rationalizations behind that final scene.

We close it out with a glorious AU would you rather that, in hindsight, I'm not actually sure either of us answered outright.

Direct download: Episode3_-_10_22_14_8.55_PM.mp3
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Laura and I talk all things 4.03 including Carrie & Quinn, Carrie & Saul, and hey! there was some sexual energy in that scene with Aayan. Sara overreacts some and Laura does her best to get her to chill.

Then Laura offers up a truly heinous "would you rather?" and Sara laments her poor choice last round. Karma's a bitch.

Direct download: Episode2_-_10_16_14_8.12_PM.mp3
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