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In this episode Melrose and I talk about the season finale. And by talk I mean discuss at length. Everything from Saul being a monster, motherhood (good and bad), Carrie's arc, Lockhart's lasagna, and of course... The Kiss. 

We both have a lot to say and can't even believe it's over. Stick around for a "would you rather" that's kind of fun (or depressing) and reveals just how much Melrose likes to feel pain. 

Also this quote: "they switch sides with their faces." 

(and see if you can spot the episode's title!) 

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Melrose and I talk about the fourth season's penultimate episode, hitting the big three: Dar, Frank, and Carrie/Quinn. I explain my upcoming dread and Melrose counters with calm and sane logic. Contrast! 

We both wax poetic about the wonder that is Claire Danes and struggle to articulate the sheer surprise of what happened this week with Carrie and Quinn.

We close with what we're most looking forward to in the finale and Melrose talks about the experience of her first season in the Homeland fandom. Things get heated! 

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Melrose and I discuss the trials and tribulations of having to sit through "Halfway to a Donut." IN THE GOOD WAY. 

We talk about our changing opinions on basically everything, from Saul's ordeal to Carrie's conscience to Quinn's choice in pajamas. We offer up what the end of this season might look like and neither of us has any clue so we mostly just talk in circles and freak out about how dumb and married Carrie and Quinn were this episode.

We close with a would you rather in which I could not even say my choice out loud because I felt I'd be damned to HELL. Then we debate the various options of what I'll dub "The Good Wife Conundrum." 

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Melrose and I talk about all things "Redux," from why I can't deal with Saul anymore to just what the heck is going on with Quinn to our reactions behind hallucination!Brody.

We discuss amazing facial expressions, predictions for future episodes, and catharsis at Carrie taking it to Quinn's junk.

We close with a would you rather that's on the surface tricky but superficially easy so long as you agree with me. 

All credit to Melrose for the episode's title. 

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Laura and I go down the rabbit hole with "Iron in the Fire," discussing matters of the mind (Carrie's), body (Carrie's), and soul (also Carrie's).

We talk about the origins of #Famax, what would happen if Quinn and Carrie ever actually became involved, and our rationalizations behind that final scene.

We close it out with a glorious AU would you rather that, in hindsight, I'm not actually sure either of us answered outright.

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Laura and I talk all things 4.03 including Carrie & Quinn, Carrie & Saul, and hey! there was some sexual energy in that scene with Aayan. Sara overreacts some and Laura does her best to get her to chill.

Then Laura offers up a truly heinous "would you rather?" and Sara laments her poor choice last round. Karma's a bitch.

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In our inaugural episode we go down the rabbit hole of pre-season four Homeland goings on. We discuss all those life-affirming promos, as well as where we see characters, relationships, and the show at large heading this season.

At the end we put on our best predictor hats and then play a tried and true HYH favorite: would you rather?

  • 9m40s - promos
  • 23m10s - Carrie
  • 35m45s - Quinn
  • 46m5s - Saul
  • 1h1m - Carrie and Quinn
  • 1h16m - General season four predictions
  • 1h27m - GAMES!
  • 1h52m  - Would you rather...?

Enjoy, thanks for listening, and tell us what you think!

--Sara and Laura

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