The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

Melrose and I wrap up the podcast season by talking about season four as a whole. We discuss the characters and storylines we liked (Carrie and Quinn! Lockhart and Martha!) as well as the ones we didn't (demon Saul!), address season five rumors and speculation, and daydream about a Homeland-less life. It gets kinda #dark. 

Thanks everyone so much for listening throughout the past few months. This was a lot of fun to make and hopefully we can keep it up next year. 

Not discussed: the true identity of tumblr user carriequinndaily. 


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Melrose and I talk about the 45 minutes of hell that was “13 Hours in Islamabad,” from those who died, those who survived, and those we wish had died. RIP John. You died as you lived: sitting down.

We discuss our predictions about the final two episodes, what we want from the end of the season, and get meta about the blog and fandom. 

Ever wonder how we can generate so much conversation from episodes so short? 

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Melrose and I talk about episode 9, “There’s Something Else Going On” … for about ten minutes. 

We spend the remaining hour and change talking about theories for what comes next, why none of these theories makes sense, why we’re not sure if we want these theories to make sense… And hey! what about a theory that explains the entire critical reaction to Homeland? 

We go deep, but also broad, and it’s one of my favorite conversations we’ve had on the podcast yet this season — about the characters, their relationships, what this show is (and isn’t), and what this show means. 

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