The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

This week we, fittingly, give thanks.

For circa-2005 Carrie, for Allison Carr and her online shopping habit, for some semblance of what they're finally doing with Quinn, for Saul finding out soon that the woman he's sleeping with is a traitor, for Banana Joe's, for the seeming end of wig (both, mind), and for the fact that we don't live in a time where if your cable craps out on you in the last five minutes of the episode you're not left wondering wtf happened for longer than it takes you to collect yourself and realize you can watch this episode on Showtime's streaming site! 

Thanks all around, especially to you, for listening. 


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(repeat, repeat, repeat)

This week it's a change of pace, a change of heart, ch-ch-changes.

This week we talk about "Oriole" -- was it low-key, or boring, or over-the-top confusing? I bungle a few different explanations... (meta?) 

Then we talk about what we want from the last half of the season. And what we need. And what we'll probably never get. Sigh...

(ps i know i stopped talking about it but did you know we've gotten more hair in bun episodes this season than not)

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We're back and about the same as before after a brief hiatus...


This week is all about euphemisms. Halfway through the season we have a lot of questions and not very many answers. 

We talk about Saul and how enjoyable it was to see him totally miserable, what's on the docket for Quinn, and if the Carrie and Jonas relationship can or should be repaired. 

I snuck in one mention of hand-through-hair before going speechless and there is a lengthy pause when I reveal the title of this year's finale. 

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