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Honestly it would be faster to just list what we didn't talk about. 

In this, our last episode of the season, we examine "A False Glimmer" as well as season five overall. We debate whether Allison's end was truly just, the wreckage of Carrie and Saul, if Jonas is a jerk disguised as a good guy, and what-in-fresh-hell Otto. We talk about Quinn, of course. We debate the various merits of his storyline this season, and of this end. We talk about The Letter and what it meant for Carrie to read it. We talk about Carrie, and where she goes from here. We get down to the very elements of it. 

I think it's my favorite podcast we've ever done, so I hope you stick through to the end (might be good for some holiday traveling). 

Thanks for tuning in this season. We had a blast. 

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This week we delve into the brilliant maze that is "Our Man in Damascus" (but not that title because... idk). 

We both elaborate on just how much we absolutely love Allison Carr, that adorable psycho, and I explain how I've come full circle on Carrie/Quinn... also Saul hatred. 

Because I was told to, spoiler for The X-Files, a show that started more than 20 years ago and ended more than 10... but just in case. 

Also a trip down memory lane as we mark one year since Dalliance Anon. Oh, Dalliance Anon. 

The 22nd episode is here waiting for you. 

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As we close in on the end of the season, we deal with episode 10's revelations and try to anticipate what's coming next. 

Supreme, abject pain: it's the New Normal on Homeland. (or is it?) 

Alternate episode titles: 

  • Remember David Estes
  • Tears
  • All That Rage 
  • They Type It, But They Don't Say It 
  • Death and All His Friends



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...and we do, for like half an hour (and then again some more). About his current situation, whether this is the end, and how we're supposed to feel about Carrie's whole role in all of it. It's tricky. 

We also talk about why seeing Carrie and Saul made us feel like old timez -- good, bad, happy, sad. In fact, a lot of "The Litvinov Ruse" is like that. Old school Homeland, from the surveillance, to the Carrie and Saul hugs, to the feeling of just total helplessness because it's only gonna get worse from here. 

Cheers to three more episodes? (and thanks for sticking around for twenty of these!) 


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