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The series of HYH pod throwback episodes continues with the season three finale "The Star" and a discussion about what it means to put the mission before the man. We talk Brody's end, Carrie's new beginning, and Saul's last stand. There is also a very heated discussion about Quinn's role in late season three. 

This episode is sponsored by my love for Brit Marling. #WatchTheOA

(Alternate titles: "No Good Very Bad Day... Forever," "Pietà.")

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Our journey through seasons past continues with season two's "New Car Smell." We have mixed opinions, which always makes for lively debate. On the docket: did Brody love Carrie? Did Brody make Carrie at the hotel bar? Did Carrie make Quinn? In an episode filled with deception and lies, we get to the heart of who was telling the truth and when. 

(Alternate titles: "Outside the Realm of Sanity," "Revisionist History.")

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The season six premiere is exactly four weeks away, so we're counting down by taking a look back. What are the most important episodes of the series? Which had the greatest impact: on us, on the show, and on the characters? 

We start with "Marine One," the season one finale that I annually tweet about after watching it on the plane a few days before Christmas. I won't be doing that this year. Instead, we took some time to talk about the very best that season one has to offer. Remember when Carrie and Saul were, like, friends? Remember how incredible Damian Lewis was here? Remember David Estes?? We take a few other turns, with the hindsight that five extra years offer. 

(Alternate titles: "Crying on the Train in Public," "In My Own Canon," "We're Not Doing a Very Good Job of Talking about 'Marine One.'")

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It's been over 11 months since the last Homeland episode graced our televisions and the world has changed a lot since then. Our conversation spans the politics of the show as well as the politics of real life. 

We discuss what exactly season six will be a season of. Discovery? Second chances? Sex? Was Carrie willing to let Quinn die in season five? Is Otto a red herring? Is Carrie a Democrat or a Republican (the former, of course)? 

I hope you'll stick to the end, and if you do you may notice I say "father/son" twice when I meant to say "father/daughter." I don't know why. It's been 11 months.

(Alternate titles: "Mental Block," "The Universe Is Conspiring," "I Am Directly Quoting You.")

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That's it, that's the show. 

In this episode we attempt to parse through the various different implications of Quinn being alive, and in fact not dead. What follows is a conversation about what this show is, who the characters are, they type of future they'll get, the type of future they'll deserve, and how what we think says a lot about us, too. 

Cynical, hopeful, confused, regretful, relieved. We go through it all. 

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