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This week we explore the confounding, surprising beauty of "The Man in the Basement." We start at the end, with the devastation of the last scene between Carrie and Quinn, and work our way backward. What does it all mean? Why didn't she say more? What exactly is said and understood and what falls through the cracks, like so much else? 

We take a few brief detours to talk about Carrie's growth, female friendship, bedside parallels, and epic Saul takedowns. 

(Alternate title: "Did you know Claire Danes was at the March?")

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Horrifying and/or awkward celebrity real life run-ins. Fast forward mishaps. Heart-of-Homeland hot take (for real) (really). Endearing Paley-ness. Déjà vu. STAUNCH HAPPY CARRIE DEFENSE. 

It's a roller coaster from start to finish. 

(Alternate titles: "Good Intentions," "Lots of Love and Monney," "Tim Daly is 60 Years Old," "Authentically Don't Understand.")

(The original "Halfway to a Donut" HYH podcast is titled "Escape or Die Chick" and I still think that is the best episode title ever, followed closely by "Sexual Death.")


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Maybe you heard, the first episode of season six was released three weeks early. 

Well. We go through the whole big thing. 

How best to parse through unexpected or even unwanted reactions? How best to deal with that pit in the bottom of your stomach? How best to describe the dynamic between Carrie and Quinn (we search for the perfect metaphor)? How best to explain it all, days, weeks, or even months later? How best to adjust to a Homeland world so different from our own? 

(Alternate titles: "Hmmh!!!")

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