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We are super excited to bring you this special podcast episode featuring an interview with Ellen Adair, who brought Janet Bayne, Chief of Staff to Senator Paley, to life during season seven. We talk to Ellen about getting into Janet's head, working with the great Dylan Baker, how Janet's role evolved throughout the season, and, of course, that Janet hair! A million thanks to Ellen for her time and the wonderful discussion!

(Alternate titles: "Fuck the Rules!", "Minus the Treason," "Janet is Nobody's Idiot.")

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This week we're discussing the season seven finale "Paean to the People," which elicited from all of us strong reactions ranging from disgust to pride. We break down the conclusion of Elizabeth Keane's presidency, the redemption of Carrie (and Saul?), and where the show and its characters go from here. Sighs on sighs on sighs, y'all. 

(Alternate titles: "Carrie's Pain," "Full Circle," "Cherries.")


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