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It took Ashley and I three full tries to record this podcast because of various technical issues, which just goes to show how much we actually wanted to discuss this. This, being.... just what the hell happened in seasons five and six? What did the writers intend to depict in the relationship between Carrie and Quinn, and how was that different than the fandom's interpretation? Did Carrie love Quinn? Could they have been happy? Why did they kill Quinn not once, but twice? And how could we have missed it--not once, but twice? And how has distance and perspective altered our answers to all of these questions? 

It's been a year and a half since Quinn (allegedly, per Ashley) died. Eighteen months in search of the answer to that question: why? In this episode, Ashley and I attempt to offer some answers. 


(Alternate titles: "Brody Had Lines," "Sorry for Sara-ing You," "A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," "This Sucks Now. Peace Out," "Only Richard Burton Was Real.")

(Technical pod note: As mentioned above, we had a slew of technical difficulties attempting to get this recorded but seem to have gotten something resembling audible on the third try. That said, you might hear a strange echo in a couple parts, although I tried as much as possible to fix this in the editing process. As always, thank you for listening.) 

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