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This week we're discussing the brightest and sunniest Homeland episode there ever was! Just kidding, "Threnody(s)" was a one-two-three gut punch. We reflect on Max's legacy and what his character meant to the show and to us. Plus: the transformation of Haqqani, a brewing betrayal between Carrie and Saul, Yevgeny's potentially ulterior motives, and what this season's resident baddies are going to get their hands in these last four episodes. 

(Alternate titles: "Ugh, John Zabel," "Ominous Beard," "Hell in a Handbasket," "On a Not Really More Cheery Note.")

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This week we discuss “Fucker Shot Me,” and it’s fair to say it’s the most divided we’ve been this season. Was it just a transitional episode or will this end up being more relevant down the line? We discuss Carrie and Yevgeny’s road trip, Saul’s rapidly declining career, and Max’s ongoing nightmare. Plus: where can Carrie go from here and will Saul be alongside?

(Alternate titles: “Bravo Sara,” “Solar Calculators Are Also Important,” “Reverse Soul Patch,” “The Benefit of the Doubt,” “Oh My God RIP,” “The Negative Nelly of This Podcast.”)

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This week we talk about "Two Minutes," aka the episode where Homeland turned into a comedy series all of a sudden. We dive into all the ways shit hit the fan, from Hayes finding his ~presidential moment~ to Haqqani surrendering himself and a climactic Carrie/Saul fight. Also: how many ways was Carrie a teenager? Do we trust Yevgeny? Will we ever see that flight recorder again?! Plus plenty and plenty of PARALLELS. 

(Alternate titles: "Gullible Ninny," "Being Carrie," "A Good Bookend," "Let's Be Canonical," "Hot Evil Person," "Because of Reasons," "So What is the Truth?")

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This week we discuss "Chalk Two Down," the second of two major set-up episodes this season. We agree it was well-executed television... but did we like it? Then we put the puzzle pieces together and chart our predictions for what will come next. Also on the docket: the fine line between a warning and a threat, twin VPs rising to power, and a possible "let's tie it all up with a bow" series ending. 

(Alternate titles: "People Shooting Guns," "Two Things," "Carrie's Fault," "#SaveMax," "My Taxes.")

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This week we discuss the various converging storylines in the final season’s fourth episode, “Chalk One Up.” We offer predictions on who was behind the episode’s tense final moments and what that means for our girl Carrie. How might the president’s acknowledgement of Carrie’s patriotism play into future episodes and how does it fit into her overall arc? Finally, we discuss Carrie’s subplot with Samira and Max’s with his soldiers and debate the merits of both stories.

(Alternate titles: “Overanalyzing,” “A Sentence In,” “Not Good Optics,” “Two Things,” “That Episode Ruined My Birthday,” “My Tin Foil Hat Is Large and In Charge,” “What is the Context of This?!”)

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