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This week we discuss the series finale of Homeland and struggle to come up with synonyms for the word “perfect.” Our discussion focuses on the show’s central relationship between Carrie and Saul (don’t worry, we’ll cover the rest in the next podcast). We talk about our reactions to the episode, from that devastating betrayal to “two years later.” How does their journey end? And how might it also be a new beginning?

To everyone who’s tuned in the last five years, thank you thank you thank you. We have more podcast episodes planned over the next few weeks, but for now we want to say how grateful we are to all who came along for the ride. We had a time. 

(Alternate titles: “The Last Bridge,” “Perfectly Carrie,” “Jazz is Crazy. Period,” “A Point That I Forget Making But Still Agree With,” “Two Years Later? Let’s Talk About Two Years Later!”, “Not Not Real,” “A Revelation,” “Ok So Here’s What I Have to Say About the Knee Touch.”)

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This week we discuss the penultimate episode of the series, “The English Teacher,” and attempt to answer the age-old question of just what the heck Carrie will do next. We examine in depth her relationship with Saul and how this episode uniquely highlighted what makes it so special, so maddening, and so damn compelling. What can we learn from previous seasons about how this all might wrap up? What questions will be answered and which will be left open-ended? Will any of us actually be ok when it’s all over?

(Alternate titles: “Carrie Gonna Carrie,” “What the Fuck Is Happening with These Fucking Books,” “DRAMATIC PAUSE,” “Where You At,” “Surprise, Bitches!”)

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This week we're discussing the antepenultimate episode of the series, "Designated Driver." We analyze Carrie's motives and attempt to predict not only her fate but that of her relationship with Saul. Will she actually betray him? If so, is the human toll of that decision ultimately worth it? Also: an emotional and parallel-heavy ending, the payoff to Carrie and Jenna's relationship, and the question of whether Carrie and Yevgeny will ever see each other again. Finally: which Homeland characters would we like to quarantine with? 

(Alternate titles: "The Hangover," "Scottsdale," "Yes Man," "She Needs Propranolol," "It Remains Quinn's Fault," "She Still Has Yevgeny," "But Where Is Lynne Reed?")

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This week we discuss the delight that is “In Full Flight” (hey, that rhymes!). First things first: the Carrie and Yevgeny of it all! We dissect their scenes and interactions and try to parse what it all means. Is Carrie growing? Has Yevgeny been playing her the whole time? We also talk about the ramifications of last week’s episode re: Saul and Carrie, check in on Tasneem and Jalal, and decide which IRL (or 24) president Hayes is modeled after.

(Alternate titles: “[Crosstalk]”, “Aftershocks,” “She Blinked First,” “Semi-Genuine,” “Age Appropriate,” “Harry  Potter Movie Extra,” “That’s One of My Biggest Problems with You.”)

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