The Hell Yeah Homeland Podcast

As promised, this week we’re talking about loose threads from the finale (as well as revisiting some points from last week) and reflecting on season eight as a whole. We address The Franny Situation, why the way in which Carrie and Saul’s relationship ended is so significant, what it means for the ending to be hopeful (versus not), this season’s most pleasant surprises, and more. Oh, and knee touch.

(Alternate titles: “Her Hubris,” “It’s Not Gonna Be in the Movie,” “Yada Yada,” “Problems B, C, and D,” “New Paradigm,” “Did You Take Out the Garbage? No, You Killed Max,” “I Think It’s Literally Called ‘Dress,’” “I Don’t Need That in My Life,” “I Don’t Have Any More Thoughts… Currently.”)

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